Sky Hunter - Chris Reher Provided by Author in exchange for an honest review

I confirm it: Nova is a fantastic herione!

This book takes place before all the others in this series.

Here we have Nova at the beginning of her career. She a young pilot working hard on becoming a Hunter Class.

She's good, but she's not a door mat. She has har own ideas about the wrong and right and doesn't follow orders blindly.

Obviously this attitude doesn't sit well with everybody.
There're people who bend the law and those who brake it all together. When Nova stumbles on this it get physical she gets raped!!!.

Nova doesn't know who can be trusted. But she follows her guts and her honour. And she in some really bad situations.

The story is fast paced and full of action. It has a feeling of the early Star Wars movies: full of battles, rebels, corrupted officers! It's crazy fun!

We get to know why Nova is the way she is in the previous books. How she got her command and how she reacts to stress and to being put with her shoulders against the wall.

What I liked is the fact that Nova is fallible and human, but always coherent. Her actions and reactions are logical and comprehensible. She admits her falts and her guillibility, but she always does everything she can to overcome it.

I would have preferred to read this book as the first one, since then I would have appreciated the other much more - this books gives you the feeling about Nova's personality and her points of views regarding the Commonwealth and its policy. Also you get to see Nova's first love and his treachery! and her reaction to it.

It's a wonderful book, but my advise is still to read this one as first and then all the others - it's my opinion though, but I prefer to read stories in chronological order! *wink*

I'll be loking forward to read all the other stories Ms. Reher will write! :D