The Blood and the Vow (Order of Lazarus#1) - Saranna DeWylde I don’t know how to rate this book…

I liked it. Really. But there were things that bothered me…

The story is very interesting. It’s a immortal Templar story with a twist. It has a little bit of everything: romance, sex, angst, tortured hero, action, paranormal, aliens, archaeology… I think that it’s what bothered me: it was to much.
But, at the same time, it was what I liked too.

It is not a long book, but a lot of thing were crammed in. I would have liked it to be longer and less time expended in internal musing of h/H.

Ok, I get it: the hero, Krestien, is a tortured man who has been living several hundred years battling for God. But at the same time he comes out as deeply stupid. It is continuously stressed throughout the book that the bonding, once completed, is forever and the boded pair is liked: if one dies, the other dies too. There will never be another mate. But still he is convinced that he can abandon her. That she can choose another Templar. How stupid is that?

The heroine, Samara, is much better. She’s aware and accepts the fact that she’s his bonded mate, but chooses not to fight him because he has to choose to be with her on his own, without constrictions. I respected her for this and she was coherent in her actions. But still, her inner dialogue was annoying and repetitive.

I know that if you read this, you’ll ask yourself why I kept reading.

Maybe I’m a sucker for the theory that the God/Gods are aliens who landed on Earth and started our race.


Or maybe I love reading about Atlantis and about how the pyramids are positioned the same way all through the world. How the Mayans and Egyptians are descendants of the said aliens. How there’re drawings/bas-relief of astronauts in the ancient cultures.


All of this was here and it was really nicely put together. It was also mashed with Christian God and creed. With Lilith and Adam and Eve. Brilliantly done!

I enjoyed reading these parts.

What I didn’t enjoyed is that Samara, a affirmed archaeologist, was too easily convinced about all of this. She reminded me of Daniel Jackson from Stargate, but where Daniel was ridiculed (and if somebody really tried to sell this theory would be in real world), here Samara was convinced that it would be accepted without problems. So not true…

She also finds proofs of her theory way too easily. She just thinks about two minutes and the solution is there! Mah…
I would have preferred, as I said before, more explanation and more thinking process in order to get to the solution!

Instead there was way too much thinking about their attraction toward each other. About his torment because he killed innocents together with the evil doers. (He’s a Templar warrior, for God’s sake!!! That’s what warrior does! It irks me when this happened and not only in this book!) About her smell/taste like pomegranates and honey! OMG!!! Enough is enough!

Well, I would say read this book and judge by yourself. There were nice theories here and I enjoyed them even if they’re far fetched, but still, this is fiction, so it’s OK!