Mayan Lover - Wendy S. Hales Not bad, but it could have been better. The premise was interesting, but the heroine was faulty. Even when everybody is telling her that her ex is a crazy maniac she keeps ignoring the threats all around her. She goes to visit her mother even if she knows that her mother is all for her ex and wnts to get them together again. She doesn't want to make charges against him even if he, first, raped her and beat her badly, and then assaulted her again in front of her mother!!! For God's sake!!! Is she crazy???
This kind of stories make me mad and I don't like it.
Besides, it was all too easy: the love, the lust, the work, the understanding of the authorities in a foreign country...
The only one I could condone was the hero. At least he was a man from another millenium, but he understands his fate and accepts it. He's the only coherent character.