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I've always LOVED reading. I've read since I can remember. I think that I would read laundry detergent's labels if I didn't have book under my hand! LOL I love all gendres, some more than other, but a book is a book and therefore indispensable! :D My other love is travelling and scuba-diving, better if done together!

Sleep With the Lights On - Maggie Shayne I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

WOW!!! What a great book!

I loved, loved Rachel! She's such a great character. I loved her at the beginning, when she was blind, and I loved her after when she got her sight back!

She's incredible! Her joie de vivre is fantastic! One could think that she's bitter because she's so sarcastic, but I didn't felt it that way. I felt that her sarcasm was an expression of her will to live her life fully and completly.

She made me laugh with her inner musings and they were so to the point! Her capability to read persons was also great! Her interaction with her sister, with her assistant, with her friend I was real sorry when he died... :( and with Mason was fantastic! I was awed by her strenght and her spirit!

Mason was a great guy too. I completly understood his actions, even if they were not very ethical. But he was acting with good and very selfless intentions, so it was impossible for me to blame him. His love for his family was shing through and it was lovely to read.

The story was unusual and unusually written too. The flow was impeccable and every sentence was great!

There's almost no sex scenes but the sensual heat was there and it was delicious and sometimes funny too!

I would have loved if the reasons why his brother was killing were more deeply investigated and explained. I would have liked to know more about the theory behind them. But still what we find out are explanations enough to make the story credible taking into consideration that this is fiction! ... at least I hope it is! *wink*

I enjoyed very much the dog: Myrtle! I loved the relationship Rachel has with her. Just perfect and wonderful!

The whole book is a jewel and each page is a joy to read!
Sky Hunter - Chris Reher Provided by Author in exchange for an honest review

I confirm it: Nova is a fantastic herione!

This book takes place before all the others in this series.

Here we have Nova at the beginning of her career. She a young pilot working hard on becoming a Hunter Class.

She's good, but she's not a door mat. She has har own ideas about the wrong and right and doesn't follow orders blindly.

Obviously this attitude doesn't sit well with everybody.
There're people who bend the law and those who brake it all together. When Nova stumbles on this it get physical she gets raped!!!.

Nova doesn't know who can be trusted. But she follows her guts and her honour. And she in some really bad situations.

The story is fast paced and full of action. It has a feeling of the early Star Wars movies: full of battles, rebels, corrupted officers! It's crazy fun!

We get to know why Nova is the way she is in the previous books. How she got her command and how she reacts to stress and to being put with her shoulders against the wall.

What I liked is the fact that Nova is fallible and human, but always coherent. Her actions and reactions are logical and comprehensible. She admits her falts and her guillibility, but she always does everything she can to overcome it.

I would have preferred to read this book as the first one, since then I would have appreciated the other much more - this books gives you the feeling about Nova's personality and her points of views regarding the Commonwealth and its policy. Also you get to see Nova's first love and his treachery! and her reaction to it.

It's a wonderful book, but my advise is still to read this one as first and then all the others - it's my opinion though, but I prefer to read stories in chronological order! *wink*

I'll be loking forward to read all the other stories Ms. Reher will write! :D

Close Remembrance (The Krinar Chronicles, #3) - Anna Zaires OK, so this was the best of the series!

Here we have Mia that stopped being too much TSTL! :D

I still have issue with this book: it's too perfect. I mean all the problems are solved in a too perfect way.

For example, the issue with Mia's parents and their "immortality" was obviously solved because Mia makes a nice speach to the elders...

Korum becomes almost reasonable...

But at least I found out (finally!) who's the villain K. *wink*

I don't think I'll be reading more about this universe. Or, better, I might read if the stories become more grown-up. And no, I don't mean the sex part as grown-up! There's enough sex here as it is! LOL
I mean more mature thinking MCs, more depth to the story as whole and less fairy-tale-like!
Close Obsession - Anna Zaires OK, it has improved, but too late for me to up my rating.

I still find Mia too juvenile in her actions and her reasoning. I would have preferred her to be at leas 10 years older, hoping that then she would have been more mature. Thus the story could be more enjoyable for me. :D

Also Korum... what did he find so interesting in Mia is a total mistery to me! How a 2000 years old could fall for her I really don't know!

Still, I find myself hooked to the overall story. I'm curious to find our who the misterious K is! LOL

I like the K race and history. Very fascinating either in customs and in behaviour, sometimes barbaric in the extreme, sometimes so very civilized.

I like the idea of Lenkarda with all the technological stuff - it was real good!

Strangely (blushing) I found the sex scenes to be repetitive ad nauseam - she was too tight, she was strugglings to accomodate Korum, he was too big, emormous, etc... Always the same! I started skipping them!

As before, I would read the last book with hope that Mia has grown up and just to find out who the mistery K is! :D
Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles, #1) - Anna Zaires I love SF mixed with hot romance, alian invasion, alpha males, some darkness of the soul, tortured (not literally) hero/heroine and all that stuff, so when I so this blurb I thought this would be a perfect book for me!


A dark and edgy romance...

There's NOTHING dark and edgy in this book!
Or, better, if you're 15 years old, maybe you'll find something edgy here! *wink*

Since I was expecting someting dark and edgy, I was also expecting an adult herione! But Mia was young, young, young! I should have read better the blurb... :(

So, she's young and she reacts like a very young girl should. That's described very well. Her reactions are what a really young and naive girl would do.

But... that's why I don't like reading YA/NA books! I just get all annoyed with that kind of reasoning! As I got annoyed with Mia's!

KArum was supposedly 2000 years old, but... sadly... I don't think a 2000 years old man would act like he was acting here. OK, he's uber-alpha, alian, predatory male... He saw Mia in a park and decided that she's his!

Here Mia was right: he treats her like a pet, not a sentient human being! So, in this instance I understood Mia's reasoning and why she tought he's the villain! He spend time explaining her the customs of his people, but doesn't explain her why he's treating her that way. It doesn't make sense!

But, on the positive side, the story was interesting and intriguing enough for me to want to read the rest of this series.

Masked Cowboy (Men of the White Sandy, #2) - Sarah M. Anderson Nice, but the first book was better.
The Protected - Shiloh Walker I really, really love Ms. walker's writing style!
I love her characters, I love the action and I love the psychic aspect of this series.

But in the latest books the flow of the story is bacoming too much complicated.

At the beginning of this book I had problems following the story - who was doing what, who was good and who was bad guys, whose story we were following...

After a bit, the story was more clear, but still I would have preferred if it was more linear, more clear.

I had a big problem with Gus and his stubborness. I understood that he was heavily protective with Alex, but he acted stupid refusing Vaughnne's help because he didn't trust anyone! Even after it become clear to all, even to Alex, thus putting all in more danger!!!

I admired Vaughnne and her patience with Gus and his stupid actions. She was great!

I think that there's just too much angst in Ms. Walkers characters. It would be better if she put some lightening personality trait since every one of them is too angry, hurt, suffering, traumatized... A bit of that is OK, but too much is just too much!

But, if you like a lot of angst, action and some very interesting psychic abilities, this is an excellent series! :D
Getting Rowdy (Love Undercover, #3) - Lori Foster I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

I said in my review of Bare It All, I was soooo looking forward to reading bout Avery and Rowdy.
It could be that I was too anxious and expecting way too much...
I'll not say that this book is disappointing or bad because it is not! But I felt a bit let down. Let me explain...

Rowdy is Pepper's (she the heroine of the first book) brother. He's crazy protective with his sister and he's done some shady things during their life together in order to keep her safe. So I was expecting much more from him.

OK, he's blunt and coled-up, he's sexually uninhibited, he's thorny, and he wants Avery, who's now bartender in his bar, and he doesn't make it a secret.

Avery has things to hide. She's happy with her work and her defenses are crumbling very quickly and she cannot fight her desire for Rowdy. But she doesn't want for him to discover her secret.

So they succumb to their mutual desire. And that scene are hot!!! *fanning myslef*

There were several problems for me was...

Avery's secret, when it comes out, is... nothing special. I was expecting some secret in line with those of the first two books, but it was just: meh...

Also, I didn't get her fear that Rowdy will get hurt if he confronted her scumbag ex!!! Have you looked at Rowdy, honey??? She should have known from past experience what Rowdy was capable of! It was just not credible and it irked me because in the previous books there was no such things!

I was expecting Avery to be more... More wily, more secure of herself, as she was desribed in the previous book and also more confident about Rowdy. Instead, much time was spent on her fearing what will happend to Rowdy if she confesses, without considering that it would have been much better and much more interesting if she just said what was bothering her.

Rowdy reacted in a very unusually "tame" way to a threat to Avery. What a disappointment!

The whole story was anticlimatic. There was just not enough suspense and the reason for the threat was lame too and very simplicistic.

While reading I had the feeling that this is an in-between book - like the author has to write it just to give us, readers, Rowdy's story, but was uninspired about what that story should be, so she just took the first thing that came on her mind...

I couldn't rate it less than 4 stars thou. I enjoyed very much that all the previous MCs were present here! I love all of them! Especially Cash, even if he didn't pee on anyone here! LOL

I love the MC of all these books and I'm looking forward to reading Dash's story - given the premises we have here, he'll get involved with Margaret, Logan's and Reese's lieutenant, while chasing some DS video producers. This seems much exiting and adventuresome story than a stupid scumbag ex!

I'm also curious to know if Conner will get his book too! He sound so yummy! LOL
Perfect - Judith McNaught The title says it all: PERFECT!!!


I loved everything in this book: Julie, Zach, the story, the simplicity of the words used to tell it, the way it was written, the witty dialogue, the secondary characters, tehir stories, the immense love Julie and Zach had for each other... ALL OF IT!!!

The way Ms. McNaught writes is simply WOW!!! It just touches something in me and I simply melt!

Every part of this book is so interesting that I don't know where to start!
The part of Zach's life before meeting Julie with the descriptions of the movie world; the part of Julie's life when she's an illiterate and orphaned street urchin; the part of Julie's strife to help the less fortunate being them illiterate women or handicapped children; the kidnapping part, the falling in love part; Zach's usless fight to do the right thing for Julie; Julie's defence of Zach's innocence; the friendship between Zach and Matt...

There're so many beautiful things in this book that it is very difficult to choose the best or the more touching one!

It's rather long, but as I read I was wishing that it were even longer, just to be able to stay with everybody and keep reading and reading and reading!

This is a wonderful, wonderful book and every romance reader should read it.

It is even better if you read the previous book in the series, so you can get to know Matt and his story!
Wrecked - Shiloh Walker Friday I downloaded The Protected and wanted sooo bad to start it, but I was very, very busy at work and I could upload the book on my reader only two minutes before going home, so in a rush I opened my Shiloh Walker folder and bindly drag and dropped the book the last book there without looking at the title... So I ended with Wrecked on my reader.
I strated reading it without looking on the title (thinking that I was reading the Protected)!
I keep asking myself where was the suspense! LMAO

This book is NOT Romantic Suspense! It's JUST Romance! LOL

It's a cute story about friends-to-lovers. And I admit that I enjoyed it.

But there was this annoying bit about the heroine who didn't notice that her best friend is in love with her for... 17 years!!!!!

I thought it was a bit over-the-top!!!!

Other than that it was light and fun read!

Midnight's Master - Cynthia Eden Here we finally read about Niol, the apparently bad guy from the previous two books.

Ohhh, he's bad, but obviously he's not totally bad. *wink*

Holly is a reporter and she's investigating about the disappearance of her Other informants.
She knows that in order to find out something she need to go to the source of information: Niol.

Niol doesn't know what to do and think about Holly. He's powerfully attracted to her, but she's Human. On the other hand, she's not afraid of him, even when he's in a bad mood.

I loved the story. Holly is perfect for Niol and Niol is perfect for Holly especially when Holly discovers that she's not Human after all!!

The attraction between Niol and Holly is strong and there're some very hot scenes! :D

I'm sorry that there're no more books in this series, as I would have liked more information/answers to some questions that, in my opinion, have been left unanswered.

Midnight Sins - Cynthia Eden What can I say? I enjoy very, very much this series! :D

It's fun, it's witty, it's sexy! What there is not to like?! *wink*

Here we have a role reversal: Cara, the heroine, is the Other and Todd is the Human.

Cara is a succubus, a sex demon. But she's not happy at all with her nature. She need sexual energy to survive, but loathes meaningless sex with occasional men. She wants to be loved for her sould, not for her beauty or her sexual lure.

Todd is Colin's (the hero of Hotter after Midnight) partner detective. He has strong suspitions about Other's existance. But both colin and his Chief are keeping the truth from him.

Obviously, as soon as he meets Cara, he's attracted to her, but she's his main suspect from a series of murders.

As the story goes, Cara and Todd end together, Todd discoveres her nature, but at that point he doesn't care because he's fallen deeply in love with her.

A great story! Loved the way Cara is fighting for what she wants. Loved the way Todd wants to protect her and doesn't mind that she's a succubus.
Bloodlust - Faye Robertson A very cute novelette.
I enjoyed the twist of a nun-loving vampire! It was really funny! And the ex-nun-now-vapire was great too!
I just wish it was longer!
Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Mmmm... can I have a Cam of my own? *wink*

What a delightful book! I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Cam and Amelia.

Amelia wants only to care about her "strange" family: her young sisters, her other sister, closer to her age, who's still slowly recovering from her illness and her brother who's wasting away and who wants to join his dead fiance. A heavy burden...

Cam, a half Rom forced by circumstances to live as Gadje. He's charming, sensual and burden by a "good luck curse"!

Cam wants Amelia since the start and comes to love her very quickly. In his personal style he realise that it's ot only attraction, but deep love. But he must convince Amelia that she's in love with him too, that she needs somebody to take care of her, who can help her manage her family.

This is deeply romantic story while, at the same time, a deeply sensual and sexual one too! Wonderful mix!
Hotter After Midnight - Cynthia Eden I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal!

It has a distinctive "taste" of Ms. Eden's writing and I loved it!
It is interesting and easy to read and the story flows without problems. The world building was interesting too and as soon as I finished this one, I have to grab the next in the series! LOL

I loved Emily's definition as Monster Doctor - for me it was fun. I laughed at the beginning when she's psychoanalysing a vampire with blood phobia!!!
She's great and tries to have her life under control. Obviously this goes through the window as soon as she meets Colin. LMAO

Colin is a cop and he hides from everybody his shifter nature. Naturally when he meets Emily he's busted. He doesn't know what do do with Emily (besides having his way with her! LOL).

The story revolves around chatching a brutal series killer who's one of the "Others" or SB (supernatural beings). He's vishous, he's cunning and he's killing as a shifter.

The relationship between Emily and Colin is hot, hot, hot!!! And Colin is almost He-Man possessive, but Emily is a great match for his attitude! *wink*

Go and read it: it's fun and sometimes not so fun too, but always good! :D
Grave Danger - Rachel  Grant Since I loved (and that's a weak word!!!) the two books in the Evidence series, I couldn't miss this one!
And I was right! :D

The story is deliciously complicated! The attraction between Libby and Mark intense. The reasons for Mark distrust realistic.

I love how Ms. Grant manages to make every action true and every reaction exactly what anybody would have.

It's a real treat to read a book so complicated, but so real.

Libby is under so much pressure that is incredible how it is possible for her not to break. Nobody believes her. Every proof is against her. But she stubbornly fights to proof her innocence.

Mark is attracted to Libby, but he's hard-pressured to believe her when everything is against her. He fall for her, but still doesn't believe her completely. He's jealous and he acts upon this without tought and makes a mess.

I loved how both Libby and Mark have thier failures and their weak spots. They're so human, so able to err. They're completely believable!!!

Grat plot and great story!!!

Brava, Ms. Grant!!!
I will certainly real any kind of book you chose to write next!!! I'm sure it will be a bomb!!! :D

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